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  • Your Home Has Only Half The Gutter System It Needs

    you need the tops — gutter covers — to keep out leaves, debris, and animals. Don't you deserve that peace of mind?

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  • The Eleven Critical Bends Of Strength

    Only Gutter Topper is made of heavy-duty aluminum and crafted with the eleven critical bends of strength. That's why Gutter Topper gutter covers can handle all of Mother Nature's worst. Troublesome animals. Blizzards. Tornados. Even a category four hurricane.

    Those eleven critical bends work hard to keep you protected and damage free. No wonder when it pours, Gutter Topper reigns.
  • The Worst Mother Nature Can Throw At It

    The Gutter Topper gutter cover system has been Independently Tested and shown to handle winds of up to 110 mph, downpours of up to 22 inches an hour, and weights up to 1,200 lbs. per sq. ft.

    In fact, we're so confident of Gutter Topper's strength and durability, we back it with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • The Art & Science Of Making Water Curve

    The key to Gutter Topper's amazing ability to handle water is found the science of its patented design. Water clings to the surface on which it travels. This 'surface tension' causes the water to cling to Gutter Topper's rounded 'nose'. The water literally follows the curve of the nose and is deposited in the slots at the bottom of the system. Only the Gutter Topper gutter cover has this amazing patented way to make water curve.

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