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Dean Jenkins Contracting Ltd. is THE choice for quality gutter protection exclusively offering Gutter Topper.

Dean Jenkins Contracting Ltd. is home grown. We know the difficulties that our landscape and climate creates for your home and gutters.

Gutter Topper

That's why Dean Jenkins Contracting is proud to introduce Gutter Topper®, the perfect gutter protection. This is not a screen that can clog or cave in under the weight of snow and ice. This is an actual cover that protects your gutter from the damage that snow, ice and debris can cause. And we guarantee our workmanship for life. Gutter Topper comes with a lifetime performance warranty and a twenty year finish warranty.

Dean Jenkins Contracting has one goal - 100% customer satisfaction. That's why we bring you the best products, the best craftsmanship and the best customer service year after year. We have had great results with Gutter Topper and we'll gladly send a trained professional to your home to inspect your situation, come up with the very best solution and provide an estimate for a project that's guaranteed to solve your gutter problems - totally FREE OF CHARGE.

When it comes time for installation, you'll find our crews are well trained and courteous. Dean, the president, has over twenty-three years of experience in the construction industry. We will thouroughly inspect all the needs of your home such as gutter quality, facia, roof, downspouts, eaves troughs, and gutter drains, as well as the proper grading of your property to insure that our product will work perfectly for you and your home - guaranteed.

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